All candles we manufacture are produced in accordance with Standard UK and EU safety regulations, EU labelling standard EN15494, and CLP and Reach regulations. We are also proud to be ISO 9001 complaint, and have been SMTA audited for ethical compliance.

All products offered in our White Label Service are supplied with this information, and are pre-tested in all available formats.

For customers requiring more bespoke products, we can provide and advise on all necessary labelling, testing and legislation, for a small fee. Please enquire for charges.


All candles we produce must be test burnt in house, for candles offered in our White Label Service this has already been carried out. For any other candles, we can provide this service for a small fee. Our internal test burning service will ensure that the correct wick is used for your particular blend of fragrance and wax, and  that your product is safe to burn. We will usually provide a sample for your evaluaiton once internal testing is complete. No report is provided with this service.


Once in house test burning has been completed, we then also offer the option of external testing. This service is carried out by an industry expert and provides a full report on burn rates, candle safety and soot testing.  It will also confirm that any safety labelling is compliant. This is not a requirement for all candles, but is usually required by larger companies such as major chains and department stores if you wish to sell onto this type of client. Please enquire for costs.



All candles we produce must be compliant with all current legislation.

The cost of this is already included for any of our products offered in our White Label Service,

For customers requiring a more bespoke product, we can provide labelling and Material Safety Data Sheets for a small fee.