SBL Technology will work closely with you to bring your product to life. We will tailor our services to your particular needs. You have the option of supplying your own containers, packaging and fragrance into us, or choosing from our wide selection of stock components.

All our candles are Hand Poured or Hand Filled, this means that we can offer an exacting service for both large and small runs. We can offer runs of as little as 36 candles per fragrance [when using our pre-tested formulations], up to 10’s of thousands.

We guarantee that no matter how large or small the run, every candle will be subjected to the same intense scrutiny, and high levels of quality control that is our company ethos.
We have several wax tank options with daily capacities ranging from 100 to 1,000, and all systems are fully compliant with ISO 9001.



We have a wide selection of stock glassware available in a variety of colours and finishes:
9cl Votive [5 hour burn time]
30cl tumbler [40 hours burn time]
3 Wick Hurricane [52 hour burn time]
4 Wick Hurricane [180 hour burn time]
5 Wick Hurricane [200 hour burn time]
200ml Diffuser [16 weeks]
100ml Diffuser [8 weeks]
100ml Room Spray [n/a]

Glass decoration is possible for MOQ’s starting at 1,000. Including internal and external spray colours, colour print, foiling, UV varnish and decal.


Supply your own packaging into us and we will pack off during production or choose from our wide selection of white label packaging. You can also use our packaging templates for stock glassware to have your own packaging printed from MOQ ‘s of 1,000.


Should you need assistance with the design of your product, we work closely with a designer who specialises in home fragrance product, at very reasonable rates. Details available on request.



We offer various levels of testing depending on your requirements.  Prices for the below and any additional testing that may be required quoted on request.

In house testing: We will test burn your candle in-house to ensure we use the right wick for your blend of wax and fragrance.

External Testing:  After in-house testing is completed, your product will be sent out to an independent testing house to provide a full report, including burn performance/safety/burn time/rate of wax consumption/soot testing.


We have a facility to print these in house, or you can provide them into us free issue.


We can arrange production of these. Prices quoted on request.



As well as supplying us your own fragrance, you can choose from our wide selection of  fragrance options in four different price bands, offering a wide range of premium fragrance options, as well as our everyday fragrance library.

For runs of over 1,000 candles per fragrance we can also work with you to develop your own unique fragrance.


We offer two different waxes for your filling requirements:

Paraffin Wax
Our paraffin wax is premium Quality wax as used by many designer brands, this wax offers a high quality finish, clean burn, and good fragrance throw. This wax is also certified as Vegan friendly. Did you know that this wax is a derivative of the oil refining process that would otherwise end up in land-fill.

Natural Wax Blend
We have created our own unique Natural Wax Blend.
This was developed and is manufactured in-house, it contains a variety of natural ingredients, chosen for their sustainability, consistency and performance. Unlike many other Natural Waxes currently on the UK market, our wax contains COCONUT WAX which helps to provide an unrivalled burn quality and superb fragrance throw.


All our wicks are made with cotton cores.