You can choose from our wide selection of premium fragrance options in three different price bands, as well as our everyday fragrance library.
For runs of over 1,000 candles per fragrance we can also work with you to develop your own unique fragrance.

We offer two different waxes for your filling requirements:

Paraffin Wax
Premium Quality wax as used by many designer brands, this wax offers a high quality finish, clean burn, and good fragrance throw.

Natural Wax Blend
We have developed our own unique Natural Wax Blend.

Our unique blend was developed and is manufactured in-house, it contains a variety of natural ingredients, chosen for their sustainability, consistency and performance. Unlike most other Natural Waxes currently on the UK market, our wax contains COCONUT WAX which provides an unrivalled burn quality and superb fragrance throw.

All of our wicks are made with cotton cores.